Business Advisory Council
Issuance of Joint Statement 

MakerFest 2018 – Three days of celebrating the finest employers, job seekers, future workforce, career tech schools, and college partners in the Midwest!  Check out the video overview of the three day event held on October 18-20, 2018 at

 Notes from November 29, 2018 Meeting:

State of the State:

Doug Arthur and Jeff Sprague, Greater Lima Region, Inc., reported on expectations of workforce development programs and opportunities from the John Kasich administration that will change with Governor Mike DeWine’s administration.

Sector Partnerships & Ohio Manufacturing Association (OMA):

Doug Arthur, Greater Lima Region, Inc., provided handouts from OMA about a manufacturing sector partnership development underway, with emphasis on 1) identifying existing sector partnerships, and 2) seeking input from local firms to be used to determine success of sector partnerships.

Ohio Department of Education provided industry-focused sector clusters around which industry recognizing certifications can be developed.

Recommendations from the Executive Committee to extend membership invitations to Ben Brigham of OMA, and area members of the Ohio State Board of Education.

Jeff Sprague, Greater Lima Region, Inc., shared the Economic Development Manual for Ohio from Montrose Group.

Makerfest Changes:

Survey results reviewed, changes coming for Makerfest 2019 include the following:

                Moving the venue from the Civic Center

                Friday and Saturday only, moving Thursday’s skilled trades and brain games to Friday

                Redesigning competitive scoring

                Quality Control to be added to all publications to ensure accuracy

               Breakout sessions need to be hands-on, experiential encounters

               Volunteers need to be invited to an orientation/training session


Notes from January 24, 2019 Meeting – See Exec Comm 012419 (1) and OMA Link Lima – Jan 2019

 It was also discussed at this meeting that the graduation requirements and report card information was not working for the benefit or economic development and the future workforce.  It was decided to put together a Report Card Forum to determine the needs of manufacturers and industry statewide and how to support their employment needs going forward.  The organizational meeting was set for February 7 with a follow up on February 28.

Next meeting scheduled for March 21, 2019