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     The SESA program was developed in 1989 when engineers from BP Chemicals, the Lima Refinery and educators from Allen County got together to discuss concerns regarding the minimal number of high school graduates interested in pursuing math and science related careers.

     Children in kindergarten through eighth grade receive hands-on exciting lessons which support the standards used in the state science curriculum.

     The Chemical Compound companies have changed ownership several times since the inception of the program, but their support remains steadfast due to their firm belief of it's worth.  Currently, Ashland, Chemicals, Fort Amanda Specialties, Husky Lima Refinery, INEOS, Linde and Nutrien are the sponsors. The Allen County ESC is the coordinating and fiscal agent for this program to all public school districts and the six industries in Allen County.

Scientists in the Classroom
     The SESA Steering Committee is excited to announce a new model of serving our local schools and students with the Teacher-in-Residence Scientists in the Classroom program.  Three new employees are fulfilling the need to conduct great science lessons in classrooms to complete the 2017-2018 school year.  Kim Kidd, Diane Kordonowy, and John Mates are already providing great lessons with energy, expertise and enthusiasm.  Scientists and engineers at the sponsoring companies are accompanying them into classrooms when available to present hands-on science lessons and demonstrations.   You may reach them via email at:

     Monthly luncheon meetings entitled, "Meeting of the Minds" or MOM for short, will be scheduled shortly and dates will be announced to any interested party.

     What a wonderful gift these teachers, science and engineers bring to our community as they share their knowledge and love of science with the next generation of learners!!!  We should always remember to celebrate their selfless volunteerism.  It is a powerful investment in our area.  

THANK YOU and hats off to this special group!!!


Teacher feedback samples from last year's TIE Conference:

"Teaching Science with TOYS presented by Kathy Buescher of SESA received the highest amount of fives during the conference.  89 percent of attendees ranked her demonstration a five."

"Thank you for the opportunity to attend.  I enjoyed the conference very much! I would love to be able to attend every year!  Extremely organized and well-run confernce.  This has been one of the best I've attended in 23 years fo teaching."  Julie Hieronimus, Bluffton Elementary School

"Everyone I spoke to about this conference said it would be awesome, and they were right!  I can't wait to take back to my classroom and get my students excited about science,."  Jessica Spencer, South Science this info Technology Magnet

SESA Outside the Classroom

The SESA program is continuously growing and would like to aide your schools and community in ways outside the classroom environment.  If you have a local event your would like the program to be a part of, contact Kathy and she will see if she can help.

Examples of extra activities which the SESA program has been part of are:

  • Judging Local and State Science Fair
  • Girl and Boy Scouts Events
  • Science Nights
  • Believe in Ohio Scholarship Judging
  • Camp Robin Rogers
  • Presenting at Ohio State Lifelong Learning
  • Swamp Romp