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1920 Slabtown Road, Lima, OH 45801 Phone: 419-222-1836 Fax: 419-224-0718
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Tech Tips

How to Change Your Computer Password:

ACESC passwords expire every 120 days.

To reset your password, press the Ctrl + Alt +Del buttons (all at the same time) on your keyboard while you are logged in. This will bring up a menu, select "Change a password".
Arrow pointing to Change A Password 
The NEW password needs to be at least 5 characters long and can't be the same as the last password. 
New Password Field 
NEVER give our your password to an email request. ACESC and NOACSC will never ask for your password in an email or otherwise. 

For the Help Desk

Please send/forward any request to [email protected]

Note: You will need to put in the entire address since this account may not be on your email system.

To make it easier to remember you can add it as a contact. When in your email, click on the Contacts at the top, then click on NEW Contact and  add ACHelp as the name and [email protected] as the email. Click the Add at the bottom. ACHelp should show up as your start creating a message.

How to Add a Printer

How to Add a Printer:  

1.  Type Control Panel in the search bar
2.  Select Control Panel
3.  Select View Devices and Printers.
4.  Select Add a Printer
          If you see the printer you are looking for then select it.
5.  Once you see the icon right click it and select Printer Properties
6.  Select Preferences.
7.  Select Basic
8.  Select Authentication/Account Track
9.  Under Password put whatever number you use to get on to the copier to make a copy.  
6.  If printing to a Konica copy machine under Authentication/Account Track … enter Password  (your password is your 
     department's 4 digit code #)
7.  Contact for further help, if needed.

For more detailed information on How to Add a Printer click on the file below:
Installing Printers