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Administrative Services

Administrative Search Services

The ACESC is now assisting Boards of Education requesting an affordable service by offering Administrative Search Services. Districts and schools are looking for affordable services from local experts with local knowledge and experience.

The Allen County ESC provides searches for Superintendents and Treasurers.

Benefits of using ACESC include:
* Statewide contacts through the ESC network
* Affordable and customized to your specific needs

Process may include:
*  Develop the position specifications and priority selection criteria
*  Develop the recruiting materials
*  Determine the extent of the search
*  Design, print and distribute brochures
*  Actively recruit candidates
*  Process applications
*  Evaluate candidates
*  Recommend a pool of candidates to interview
*  Assist with the interview questions, process, and selection criteria

Follow-up services may include:
*  Mentoring services to the candidate selected
*  Assistance with establishing the Superintendent’s Evaluation System  
  so there is an established, clear set of expectations

Ohio Superintendent Evaluation System
The ACESC can now assist Boards of Education in the evaluation of Superintendents. Leadership for school districts is supported by an evaluation system that is standards based and promotes on-going collaborative conversations focusing on continuous improvement. The Ohio Superintendent Evaluation System was developed by BASA and ODE to provide superintendents and Boards of Education an organized approach for evaluation of the leader of the district.

OSES uses standards developed by OLAC as a foundation for the superintendent's job description. Annual goals are set in collaboration with the board and the superintendent. OSES includes both formative and summative evaluations and creates strong avenues for communication between the board and superintendent.

Interim Administrators
Our profession is experiencing a shortage of qualified school administrators and sometimes school districts find themselves in situations where they need to fill an administrative position for a short period of time. Often times when resignations or retirements of administrators occur during the school year, the pool of candidates to fill those positions on a full-time basis is quite limited. Therefore often times districts are better off filling the position on an interim basis and then wait until the end of the school year to pursue a new full-time person when the pool of candidates is greater.

The Allen County Educational Service Center now maintains a pool of experienced retired administrators who are willing to fill-in for these interim positions. They enjoy getting back into the educational setting for a specific period of time. We have provided interim superintendents and treasurers, evaluators, and can help with all types of administrators. They are employed by ACESC as part-time casual employees as the positions arise.

If your school or district finds itself in need of an interim administrator, please contact us to discuss some possible solutions.