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5th/6th Grade Academic Quiz Bowls

The 35th Annual 5th and 6th Grade Academic Challenge meets were held at Shawnee Middle School in January and February, 2024. The final results of the Final Tournament held on February 12 are:
Fifth Grade
1st place - Shawnee Middle School coached by Kathleen Fickel
2nd place - St. Charles School coached by Jennifer Dickman
3rd place - Bluffton Middle School coached by Jackie Bourassa
Sixth Grade
1st place - Delphos St. John's School coached by Julie Neidert
              2nd place - Shawnee Middle School coached by Jennifer Vonderwell

3rd place - St. Charles School coached by Katie Sielschott
Congratulations to ALL participants!

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Posted Thursday, February 15, 2024

ESC High Performing Award

The Allen County ESC has again received the High Performing ESC designation from the Ohio Department of Education.  A High Performing ESC has generated total cost savings of at least 5% for its school district for primary services secured from an ESC instead of another source.   
Ohio's Educational Service Centers (ESCs) provide schools and school districts with professional development, technology, support, planning, and administrative services that help improve student learning, enhance the quality of instruction, expand access to resources, and maximize operating/fiscal efficiencies.  

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Posted Wednesday, November 15, 2023

7th/8th Grade Quiz Bowl

The 35th Annual 7th/8th Grade Academic Challenge meets were held at Bath Middle School in September and October, 2023.  The final tournament was held on October 23, 2023.  The results of the final tournament are:
1st place - Spencerville Middle School coached by Christie Carter
2nd place - Bath Middle School coached by Adam Rohrbaugh
3rd place - Bluffton Middle School coached by Robin Ault

Congratulations to ALL participants!

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Posted Wednesday, October 25, 2023

MakerFest 2023

Recently the students from the ACESC Pathway to Success program attended MakerFest 2023.  This event enabled students to attend hands-on demonstrations with the goal of utilizing demonstrations to inspire area high school students to pursue career opportunities that exist in the region.

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Posted Monday, October 16, 2023

Art Project

How Did the Students in Dawn Foland's Pathway to Success Program Do it?
Students cut the bottom off of water bottles, then they painted the inside of the bottles. When the paint dried, they cut the bottles to make them spiral. The teacher took embroidery thread and wrapped a wooden embroidery hoop.  They placed each cut bottle on the hoop with embroidery thread.  They measured how long the thread needed to be for each color. The last bottles they put on were the blue bottles on the outside of the sculpture.  Each color hangs a little lower and has fewer of that color. The sculpture is 7' long.

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Posted Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Lisa Coat's MD Classroom

Lisa Coat's MD classroom at Shawnee High School was selected as "Class of the Week" on WLIO TV.  The class won a Pizza Party from Fat Jack's Pizza.  Congratulations!

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Posted Monday, March 20, 2023

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