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Transition Services

Transition Services

Transition planning is for students with disabilities ages 14 or younger, if appropriate. Successful transition planning is driven by the student’s preferences, interests, needs, and strengths. This comprehensive planning moves students toward successful future outcomes in competitive, integrated employment, education, and independent living.

Allen County Education Service Center has been recognized by the Ohio Department of Education for our Innovative Strategies in preparing students for college and career readiness!

Transition Coordinators work as part of the IEP team and collect data from students, parents, and teachers for Section 5 IEP Transition Plans and Evalution Team Reports. A wide array of assessment data is collected from in person interviews, surveys, and assessments utilizing Google Forms, our ESC mobile app, and Virtual Job Shadow Programs.  The Transition Coordinator works with the IEP team to develop post-secondary student goals in each of the areas of Education, Competitive Integrated Employment, and if needed, Independent Living.  The Transition Coordinator then develops services most appropriate to help students reach their goals and progress reports on services provided throughout the school year.

Allen County ESC Transition Coordinators either possess the Transition to Work endorsement; or possess the skills and knowledge to: 

  • Facilitate a planning process among multiple agencies, students and families to support a student’s secondary transition process

  • Plan for the collection, sharing and utilization of student’s transition data that is relevant to the student’s post school outcomes, environment and support needs;

  • Communicate a student’s individual transition plan to students, families, educators and agencies;

  • Coordinate the implementation research based practices that lead to effective postsecondary transition services and outcomes

  • Utilize methods to engage students and families in the secondary transition process

  • Assist in the coordination of referral process from school to adult services systems

  • Link appropriate course of study and instruction strategies to secondary transition related goals; and

  • Create strategies that support the career development pathways of students with disabilities leading to career and college readiness.

A menu of services available to IEP teams include:

  • Electronic Data Collection Tools including ELSA Charts

  • Completion of Transition Longitudinal Surveys

  • Local Transition Agency How to Apply Video Series

  • Community and Work Based Learning Initiatives

  • Student and staff Virtual Job Shadow Accounts with Career Interest Surveys, Resume Builder, & Custom Flex Lessons

  • Family ESC Extra Nights in Home District 

  • Apollo Jobs Play Skill Building Events

  • Family Engagement Lendable Library Including:

    • Transition Skill Tool Kits

    • Classroom Soft Skill Escape Room Kits

    • Modified Driver’s Ed Curriculum

    • Modified Industry Recognized Credential Prep Kit for Retail

    • Modified Industry Recognized Credential Prep Kit for Small Business

    • Modified Industry Recognized Credential Prep Kit for Food Preparation

    • Modified Industry Recognized Credential Prep Kit for OSHA 10 Hour

    • Family Social Media Book Study