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Art Project

How Did the Students in Dawn Foland's Pathway to Success Program Do it?
Students cut the bottom off of water bottles, then they painted the inside of the bottles. When the paint dried, they cut the bottles to make them spiral. The teacher took embroidery thread and wrapped a wooden embroidery hoop.  They placed each cut bottle on the hoop with embroidery thread.  They measured how long the thread needed to be for each color. The last bottles they put on were the blue bottles on the outside of the sculpture.  Each color hangs a little lower and has fewer of that color. The sculpture is 7' long.

Lisa Coat's MD Classroom
Lisa Coat's MD classroom at Shawnee High School was selected as "Class of the Week" on WLIO TV.  The class won a Pizza Party from Fat Jack's Pizza.  Congratulations!

Spelling Bee
St. Rose Catholic School eighth grader Dominic McKee prevailed to win the 34th annual Allen County Spelling Bee at The Ohio State University on Saturday, February 25, 2023. In second place was Shawnee Middle School seventh grader Opemipo Balogun and Delphos Franklin School fourth grader James Ridenour placed third.  
The Spelling Bee is sponsored by The Ohio State University Lima and Allen County Educational Service Center.
Thirteen schools participated.  All competitors won spelling bees at their individual schools to compete.
We are proud to know we have so many good spellers in Allen County!

51 ESCS in the State of Ohio serve:
611 Districts
240,000 educators, and
1.7 million students.
Ohio's 51 educational service centers (ESCs) provide educational and operational support services to Ohio's school districts. ESCs provide schools with professional development, cost savings, staff development, staffing, grand funding and much more.
Ohio's Educational Service Centers (ESCs) are dedicated to providing school districts with professional development, support, planning, and administrative services that help improve student learning, enhance the quality of instruction, expand equitable access to resources and maximize operating and fiscal efficiencies.
The student is at the heart of everything we do!

5th Grade Quiz Bowl
The 34th Annual 5th Grade Academic Challenge meets were held at Shawnee Middle School in January and February, 2023.  The final tournament was February 6, 2023.  The results of the final tournament are:
1st place - Shawnee Middle School coached by Kathy Fickel
2nd place - St. Charles School coached by Stephanie Williams
3rd place - Delphos St. John's coached by Nick Peckinpaugh

Congratulations to ALL participants!

6th Grade Quiz Bowl
Quiz Bowl 2022-2023
The 34th Annual 6th Grade Academic Challenges were held at Shawnee Middle School 
in January and February, 2023.
The results of the final tournament held on February 6 are as follows:
1st place Bluffton Middle School coached by Robin Ault
2nd place Shawnee Middle School coached by Jennifer Vonderwell
3rd place Spencerville Middle School coached by John Edinger
Congratulations to ALL participants.

7th/8th Grade Quiz Bowl
The 34th Annual 7th/8th Grade Quiz Bowl meets
were held at University of Northwestern Ohio
in September and October of 2022.

The results of the final tournament on October 24, 2022 are as follows:
 1st place Bath Middle School;
Coached by Adam Rohrbaugh;
2nd place Shawnee Middle School 
Coached by Tracy Latta; and
3rd place Spencerville Middle School
Coached by Sarah Hemker. 

Congratulations to ALL participants.

High School Quiz Bowl
Quiz Bowl 2022-2023
The 34th Annual High School Academic Challenges were held at Lima Central Catholic in November and December of 2022.

The results of the final tournament held on December 5, 2022 are as follows:

Champions - Shawnee High School
1st Runner Ups - Elida High School
2nd Runner Ups - Wapakoneta High School

Champions - Wapakoneta High School
1st Runner Ups - Shawnee High School
2nd Runner Ups  - Bluffton High School

Congratulations to ALL Participants!

Vector Solutions (Safe Schools)
ACESC employees may apply for 10 CEUs for REQUIRED SafeSchools courses per 5-year license cycle.  Additionally, ACESC employees may apply for up to  5 CEUs per 5-year license cycle from the ELECTIVES courses. 

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Office Hours
The Administrative Office is open from 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday thru Thursday and 8:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. on Fridays.  *During inclement weather check WLIO School Delays for possible closure/delays.

The next meeting of the ACESC Governing Board has been changed from Monday, September 18, 2023 to   Wednesday, September 20, 2023 at 5:30 p.m.

Attention Business and Community Leaders
 Allen, Mercer, and surrounding counties are seeking to join a statewide initiative of connected STEM Learning Ecosystems (SLEs). Mercer and Allen County ESCs are submitting an application for a new West Central Ohio Ecosystem to represent area schools build connections among K-12, higher education, post-secondary education, business and industry, government, out-of-school time providers, philanthropy and others to create meaningful learning experiences for students that connect to Ohio's workforce needs of today and tomorrow!
There are currently 5 STEM Learning Ecosystems across the state with a maximum of 7 additional
proposals selected through the application process. Currently there are no ecosystems in Northwest Ohio.STEM education is about so much more than the disciplines and content. The goal of STEM is to foster intellectual, entrepreneurial, and technical talent through design thinking. Read more about
You are invited to a stakeholder meeting of education, community, and business representatives where we will discuss the needs in our area and plans for the future.

For more information contact:

Barbara Duval
[email protected]
419.222.1836, ext. 204
Student Opportunities to Advance Readiness, SOAR with STEM of West Central Ohio

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